A long time ago...

2009-11-10 01:24:10 by sexysexybicycle

So, there's this big project going on at starwarsuncut.com and I thought I'd give it a go.

Anyone with a vimeo account can choose a 15 second clip from Star Wars: A New Hope and remake it in their own style. Then, after every scene has been redone by at least one person, they're going to piece it all together to make one big, fan-made retelling of the original Star Wars. I don't think I'm explaining it very well, so here's the trailer...

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Time is tight for me right now, so I probably won't finish my segment for a week or two (or three {or four} ), but I'll post it when I'm finished. Head over to their website if you're interested. Here's a sneak peak of my segment:::

A long time ago...


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2009-11-10 05:37:28

I luv u

sexysexybicycle responds:

u luv m3?! OMG!! prvrt...

... lolzorz...


2009-11-10 06:07:43

Man yours looks really cool, can't wait to see it

sexysexybicycle responds:

I wanna get him moving, but school's trying to get my attention.

BONUS QUESTION ::: Can you guess what he's saying here?


2009-11-12 00:58:37

OOOH lots o' details me likey

sexysexybicycle responds:

Yeah, the wrinkles are gonna be fun to animate...