DOODER can effin' MOVE!

2009-11-16 03:46:48 by sexysexybicycle

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2009-11-16 04:09:11

Haha tree powers activate! Looks good man

sexysexybicycle responds:

Photosynthesis is my weapon of choice.


2009-11-18 14:37:36

So is this a game your making? Because it looks fucking sexy.

(Updated ) sexysexybicycle responds:

It is and it IS!


2009-11-18 23:37:36

Just wondering, but are you planning on releasing it here or are you going to end up letting people download it as freeware (i.e. Cave Story)?


2009-11-25 15:55:26

Daaamn looks neat haha! This could would have beaten every platform games from nes but Mario bros:)! I love the different suits powers. Do you have a release date in mind?