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Dooder Demo now available for download!

Posted by sexysexybicycle - July 14th, 2010

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Hello friends.

So guess what! I just finished the first demo for the game I'm making called DOODER! I made a new trailer (seen above) and a little web page to celebrate the release of the demo. You can find the link to download it on the new DOODER HOME PAGE! Click the link below to head there NOW!


Sadly, it only runs on a PC, but if you play it, let me know what you think. Any and all pointers, advice or glitch reports are more than welcome.


Dooder Demo now available for download!

Comments (22)

This is good news and very convenient for me since I just got a new PC. I'll be sure to download the Dooder demo as soon as I get it set up.

Please do! And let me know how it runs on newer machines. I'm creating and testing it on my ancient Dell with Windows XP, so I need to know any issues it has with different set ups. Enjoy!

The art in this game alone makes me want to play it.

And play it you shall! Thanks man.

And I thought I was the only one who used the word Dooder... maybe it's more popular than I thought.

My best friend in high school used it all the time, and it just kind of struck me as a funny name for a video game character.

Solid game, but I believe pressing use on a crystal would be better. It's nice that you can turn back to your normal self by 'Enter' but if you want to stay being one season and accidently step on other crystal it's a bit dissapointing. On the other if you want to keep the automatic change you can make some crystals compuslory, so that at certain times they cannot be avoided. Or you can make two types of transformation crystals - one compulsory and others on click.

I hear you, for sure. That's something I've gotten from a few other people, and I totally agree. I actually have a few ideas for interface options between different power ups. I kept it simple in the demo, but I'm thinking along the lines of a Mega-Man-esque kind of power up menu. Maybe a little more streamlined though.

Thanks for the feedback!

Did you program it too? Looks slick!

Kind of...

I use Multimedia Fusion. It's a really simplified, point and click interface where you use "if/then" actions to tell it what to do, then it generates the code for you. I'm not describing it very well, but it's a pretty user-friendly alternative to learning how to actually code.

Why on earth are you using the shift key as the jump button. Sticky keys are going to get in the way of a LOT of people who don't know how to get around them and it's only going to hurt your score. Switch t "Z" imo.

It was a mistake that I totally regret. :/

Multimedia Fusion uses Shift and Ctrl for it's default a/b buttons, and I've had the Sticky Keys shortcut turned off on my computer for so long that it didn't even occur to me.

This will be fixed in the next release. Don't you worry.

Also, everytime I leave the demo's window for more than a few seconds, it automatically beats the game for me.

That's cause you're typing in other programs and hitting all of the SECRET DEVELOPMENT KEYS!

They won't be in the final game, and I'll fix it so it doesn't keep running in the background in the next release. Thanks for the feedback man!

Ok. I Really really like this game. But i cant figure out the controls. Why is shift to jump. It seems out of place. i don't even know how to attack. Also i fell in to a small glitch. I Got hit and well I stood still in the air. Electrified. Regardless of that i love this game. And i have a question is this going to be a game for purchase?.. If it is i would totally get this :D If not AWESOME!

Im in love with this game

Beautiful little game. Fantastic art; colour; and music too.

If you're marketing the complete game, let it be known you have at least one buyer right here-

Get that music up for download, yo! It's sweet as a nut.

I'm actually quite enthusiastic about this, it looks really fun :D

how about yes

Why is it a zip?I cant do this make it a simple download instead.

It is seen very well I am unburdening myself it, on having seen it, my sister said to me it sees very cute ñ_ñ

I hope that you should keep on working; D

Srry for my bad english

This is looking great!
The world works well, and I think this has some awesome potential.
Keep it up :)

I'm curious though - how long did it take you to get the working demo done? (how long since you first started)

The full game will be free right? :)

DAMN how did you embed vimeo? I failed, and Utah as well!

Damn looks sweet! i'm gonna download it at home when I can, are you gonna make some more animations when its done ?:)

awesome i've been waiting for this ! can't wait to play the full game

Ooooh, a game! I'll have to check this out.
I wish you'd make a new movie! Heart for the Hero and Tiny Pancakes were really awesome, I loved them.

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