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Awesome dude!


Oohh... I'll be listening to this on my commute to school, for sure.

Thoroughly Enjoyable!

Oh man, I really liked this! I loved your character designs and the color palette you used. The whole thing flowed beautifully and fit the song like a glove. I might have liked to see something a little different on the repeat of the last chorus, even if just a few tweaks here and there, but overall, it was delicious! Thank you.

Congrats D-bag.

D is for delightful. Which is what your animations are. Little bags full of delight. ;D

LazyMuffin responds:

That title was MISLEADING to say the least!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks bike


This is beautiful. Syncing to music is haaaarrrddd. Awesome job!

TheBoogley responds:

ha thanks mate, I was just giggle while watching that video you did of the facial studies the other day. I've been reading through The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expressions by Gary Faigin.


This was swell. Loved the whole thing. This is what I imagine Scott Pilgrim looking like if it was animated. You dig? Anyway, luv it. Animating to music is hard enough, but people dancing is even harder! And it was in sync with the music (for the most part ;} ). Did I spy a little sexy rotoscope action though? Heheh...

Bone-chilling and toe-tapping!

Awesome character designs and sweet frame by frame! Gotta love it. I totally dug the whole general style too. It fit the song perfectly; fast paced and frantic. Well done man! The shot of the car driving with the moon changing color in the background went on a little longer than I would've liked, but other than that, good shit! I'm always impressed when people can tackle animating a whole song without a bunch of "time-filler" shots. Good stuff.

asthmatickitty responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I tried my best not to do time fillers, but yeah, I agree that the driving shot does last a while.

I'm gonna cry.

Beautiful way to go out with the series man. GOD, I'm inspired. You are genius.

BTW, the ending with the trikes into the sunset reminded me of the end of the Home Movies episode, "The Party". Meh? Meh??

Spectacular aesthetics!!!

First off, I have to tell you that your superb animation, beautiful backgrounds, and the overall care, craftsmanship and detail that went into the general art style of this project is simply astounding. Literally, I can't comprehend how you did this, much less in less than two months with illness, computer problems and bad luck all fighting against you. This completely raises my expectations for what level of brilliance is possible for one animator/artist to archive. The bar has been raised so high, it's almost touching the moon. Your skill is, in a word, unbelievable.

But I must admit, that's about where my undying love for this short ended. I was excited when I saw the first couple of shots and marveled at how beautiful and engaging they were. I willed myself to be captured by the story, but by about three and a half minutes into it, I just didn't care. I want to be brutally honest with you because I feel so highly about the visual aspect of your work here, that I feel you deserve to know what I felt about the rest of it. The characters seemed about as cliche as an anime-space adventure can get, and the dialogue seemed like it was poorly translated from Japanese (I'm guessing that the script was written in English, but I may be totally wrong here). The overall plot though seemed vaguely interesting, albeit nothing new or captivating. For the most part, all I got out of this was absolutely BRILLIANT, GORGEOUS, MIND-BOGGLING animation presenting a story that I just couldn't care less about.

I will say however, that storytelling and the appreciation that there of is something COMPLETELY subjective and relies on the taste of the viewer. What I'm saying is that this story was totally not my taste, but I am also totally wrong. As a quasi-anime, action filled space oddesy you did a brilliant job. And tons upon tons of people will become enthralled by this story (for good reason!). So phooey on me. And just to make it clear, your storyTELLING was fantastic. Pacing, framing, mood and direction was great. It's that actual story and dialogue that had me cringing.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how I felt, because I was so impressed by your animation and storytelling skill. I'd just like to see something a bit more fresh and original (what do those words even mean though???) in the writing department. I totally have great respect for you, your drive and your work. So overall, well done. VERY well done. Take care man!

Zeurel responds:

Oh yeah, i can totally understand everyone has their own tastes, and i thank you for the review too!

Though i do tend to dislike it when people tend to relate it to anime, because we should all know that anime did NOT do this kinda setting first, it's been done in the past but since anime is 'in' at the moment, people will relate to it. I'm trying to stray away as much as possible from that style, but thigns still seem to creep back it.

Nothings really 'that' original these days.

Cheers for the review! I'm after as much input as possible to i can try and improve on the areas where i fall down most


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